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  Atlantic-Pacific creator Blair Eddie has been in the fashion assiduity for several times now. Having worked for companies similar to Tory Burch and Gap, she has bigwig experience in how the assiduity has evolved over the times. She started Atlantic-Pacific in 2010 to showcase her own fashion aesthetic, which she describes as “east-seacoast- meets-west- seacoast.” She has erected up a significant social media following, including over1.7 a million Instagram followers.
She has worked as an influencer with numerous brands, including Nordstrom, Amazon, Sephora, Covering, Gucci, and numerous further. She has also banded on global juggernauts with luxury brands similar to Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.
A quick perusal of her website shows eye-catching images of the rearmost trends that she loves and her tips on what to wear and where to get them. What is also great about Atlantic-Pacific are the regular updates of FAQs that Eddie posts, where she responds to questions she receives from suckers and followers.



Girl with Curves:  Slim people do live in real life, but there are women in bigger sizes who can look just as good. People come in all shapes and sizes, but multitudinous of us have been conditioned to believe that only one body type is ideal for fashion. This is the mindset that Girl with Angles hopes to shatter. Tannish Akashi created Girl with Angles in 2011 to represent everyday people who are not a size 0 or 2. The blog describes itself as an “award-winning blog made possible by people who believe women earn to look and feel beautiful, anyhow of weight, shape or size.”Since starting the blog, Tannish has come a favorite plus-sized fashion blogger in the sedulity. She hopes to help women — particularly bigger-sized women — make their confidence and tone- regard through fashion. The blog includes trends, style tips, beauty advice, parenting, and wholesomeness. Their hashtag#StyleHasNoSize emphasizes their belief that fashion and style are for everyone, anyhow of their body type. In 2021, they launched the Girl with Angles at the QVC collection, featuring pieces with true size inclusivity.






Hello Fashion

At the same time, she started Hello Fashion, firstly as an online journal where she shared her favorite fashion finds as well as helped guests wear and name their ILY Couture buys.
Ironically, she was rejected from a fashion design academe — it was this rejection that drove her to strive for fashion security. The Secret to Making Your Athletic Looks Look further Luke 4 Ways button Button-Up Shirt Casual Valentine Looks.





                                                                             We Wore That

  We wore what’s one of those remarkable blogs that have set up success as an online shop. Author Danielle Bernstein started We Wore What in 2010 while still a pupil in New York City. A tone-tutored shooter, she started by shooting road fashion on her lot. Ultimately, the blog evolved into a commodity more particular, and Danielle’s career as a fashion influencer began. She has since written a New York Times bestseller entitled “This Is Not a Fashion Story,” and was cited by Forbes in their Under 30 list before the age of 25.